25 Do’s and Don’ts of Casual Sex Dates

Jim Wade Author

Is there anything actually casual about casual sex? Let’s be honest we all dream of casual, no strings attached, always steamy, sex. However, sometimes things get mixed up, wires get crossed and casual sex get’s complicated fast. If we wanted complicated we would just be in a relationship, am I right? So when it comes to casual sex dates we’ve put together some tips so you can have the best of both worlds. People navigate the casual sex world successfully all the time and you can too. Our 25 do’s and don’ts will be your guide.

1. Do make it clear 

Make sure you make it clear before the “date” that you’re only looking for casual sex. Do this by putting it in your dating bio or mentioning it beforehand.


2. Don’t make it complicated

Don’t make things complicated. Casual sex dates are supposed to be casual. You don’t have to bring flowers or pull out the red carpet. Keep things as lightweight as possible to avoid complicating things.


3. Do be on time

Just because it’s a casual sex date don’t forget your manners. Casual sex usually works because both people are too busy to want anything serious. Be considerate of each other’s time and stick to scheduled meet dates. If you’re gonna be late or flakey let your partner know as soon as possible. 


4. Don’t assume shes on the pill 

Casual sex can get very complicated fast with an oopsie baby. Stay extra safe by using a condom. Even if she says she is on the pill extra protection never hurts. Plus is you’re having casual sex chances are you’re both sleeping with others. 


5. Do plan on drinks

Just because its casual sex doesn’t mean drinks won’t make it fun. Alcohol loosens up any situation. A few drinks in both of you can make things extra fun. 


6. Don’t get trashed 

The point of casual sex is sex! If you get too trashed to make it to bed or too drunk to get it up that won’t be fun. Keep the drink to a few to ensure you both have a fun time. 


7. Do be understanding 

People get cold feet or don’t always love feeling used for sex. If one day she mentions she doesn’t want to do this anymore that’s okay. By being the understanding guy you’ll have a better chance of her hitting you up when she changes her mind.


8. Don’t make the date romantic 

Try not to complicate the seriousness of the relationship by making the date romantic. Flowers and a dimly lit restaurant are overboard. Keep it casual and maybe just drinks and then back to one of your places. 


9. Do keep it exciting

Meeting at your place, fucking and then leaving gets old. Keep it exciting, after all, that’s the best part of having casual sex. Change up the location. Try scheduling a hook up in the back of a car, on a lunch break, on a hike. Keep it spicy and sexy. 


10. Don’t be jealous 

When you agree to a casual sex relationship you’re agreeing to no strings. With the freedom in the agreement comes the freedom to date others. Don’t be jealous if you see her flirting on social media or hear of her on a date. She is allowed to do that and you are as well. 


11. Do check-in

Every so often check-in and make sure the agreement still works for both of you. Having a fuck buddy means its platonic. By checking in every so often you can ensure that both parties still feel this way. 


12. Don’t tell your friends 

While it might be natural to want to share the dirty details of your hookups with your buddies try not to. This comes back to the don’t complicate things. Bragging will only incite drama. Try to avoid it at all costs. 


13. Do Make plans 

Just because your sex is casual doesn’t mean no plans are needed. You don’t have to plan a date but you should still make plans to do fun things. As friends, you should still go out. Even if its with a group of friends. 


14. Don’t go somewhere popular

Don’t take your casual sex date out somewhere where you can run into people you know. Running into mutual friends while it’s just you two out will make people assume you’re an item. In order to stop rumors before they start to avoid the situation altogether. 


15. Do have dates start at your place

By having the date start at your place you can ensure it ends there. Meet up go grab a drink and then go back to your place and get it on. She’s gotta grab her car anyway to it makes sense. 


16. Don’t introduce her to family 

Family meetings make things all too serious if you want to keep your casual sex date casual you’ll avoid this. Meeting the family makes it tougher to break things off. Once your family is involved she might start to picture something legit with you. 


17. Do plan excuses 

Chances are she is going to want to know why you don’t want something serious. Have some solid excuses lined up. Some of our favorites are, “work is just so crazy right now” and the classic “ I was really hurt in my last relationship”. You’ll find girls are very understanding of the last one. 


18. Don’t have a messy place 

Clean up your home. A clean home is attractive and makes you seem like you’re on top of your shit. Tidy up a little bit especially if your place is the place where the hooking up is going down. 


19. Do get checked often 

Just because you two have an agreement about using condoms with others or not sleeping with others doesn’t mean it’s being enforced. Keep yourself safe and use protection whenever you can. Regular check-ups will help keep things in check too. 


20. Don’t think you’re only allowed one 

If your agreement allows it you can have as many casual sex partners as you want! There are tons of chicks out there who want this arrangement so why not have more than one. The great thing about keeping things casual 


21. Do decide if sleepovers are allowed

For some people sleeping over is too intimate. In many casual sex relationships, sleepovers are forbidden. For others, they’re perfectly fine. Discuss with your partner what you think is best.


22. Don’t let the date go too long 

Casual sex is about having quick and easy sex. No need to go on an all-day or all-night date. Keep dates to under an hour before the hooking up. This was it is very different from a romantic date. 


23. Do ask her what she’s into

By asking a girl what her fantasies are you might find she’s a bigger freak than you are. Facilitate the conversation so she is happy to discuss. Casual sex is great because you can let your freak flag fly. Talk fantasies and preferences whenever possible. 


24. Don’t kink shame 

That being said if she brings up something that you are not into don’t make her feel bad about it. Try it once and if you’re really not into it that’s okay. Feel free to say, “If that’s your thing that’s cool but it isn’t mine.” 


25. Do have fun 

The best part of casual sex is that they’re meant to be fun. If you have communicated what you want and it’s clear you are both on the same page you should be having hot and steamy hookups constantly. If you find there is drama or its stressful move onto the next. By not having your lives super woven together it’s easy to move onto the next. Breakups are so simple when it comes to dating casually. 

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