Why Casual Sex Is Harder for Men Than Women

Jim Wade Author

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Is the age-old tale really true? Society has often led us to believe that women are more emotional than men and therefore could not possibly handle the emotions that are involved with casual sex. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, women more than ever want casual sex and can potentially handle it even better than men. Women are taking charge of their careers and their futures at an astonishing rate and are taking the no-strings reigns with this new territory. Navigating the ropes of casual sex isn’t easy for either sex but it might be even harder on men. 


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Men are not the best communicators

When it comes to emotional intelligence men often score much lower than women. From the boardroom to the bedroom communication skill in men fair much worse than for women. When it comes to figuring out casual sex relationships communication is of the utmost importance. Men that have a hard time communicate their wants and needs will find themselves in a messy casual sex situation in no time. Men are often too confident in their own opinions and dismissive of their partners. For no strings relationships to really work out communicating needs to be a strong suit in both partners. 

To be a better communicator in a casual sex relationship both parties need to make an effort. In the beginning, this step is the most important one. As the relationship progresses check-ins will be less and less important but should still be visited. 


Men get more jealous 

According to a study by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, men and women handle jealousy very differently. Women get much more emotionally jealous while men get more sexually jealous. When you’re in a fuck buddy situation a lot of the emotion is removed from the situation so all that is left is sexual jealousy. For example, men get madder if they think their partner had sex with someone else as opposed to was in love with someone else. 

To handle jealously in a casual sex situation try to keep some distance between you and your sex buddy. Don’t share the details of your dates with other people and definitely don’t share what the sex was like with other people you might be sleeping with. Be considerate of your partner’s feelings. Just because there is not supposed to be jealousy does not mean it won’t rear its ugly head. 


Men have a harder time finding casual sex 

It’s a pretty well-known fact that men are on the prowl for casual sex more than women. This is not to say women don’t want casual sex as much as men but they don’t seem to have the same issues with finding it. Society has made women the object of men’s affection and while that tide might be changing. It’s hard for men to find casual sex simply because they are men. Women often will find themselves in situations where men want to sleep with them regardless of what they look like. 


Men will have to walk a fine line. 

Casual sex is tough for men because very quickly women may claim that men are sending mixed signals. Men in no-strings relationships will still have to deal with a barrage of emotions coming their way. Even if you claim no strings sometimes you will be called on to be there emotionally. As a man, expect to get drunken phone calls from your booty call and for her to be crying. Once you are that shoulder to lean on she might flip the script and want more of a relationship. Keep your boundaries defined and enforced to avoid mix-ups. 


You will still have to do all the chasing

Just because you are having casual sex that doesn’t mean you won’t have to put in the effort to bag your fuck buddy. You’re going to have to plan a few dates initially and charm her just enough to get her to consider sleeping with you. You’re going to have to have many awkward conversations to make it clear you only want sex. Even after all that effort, you’re still going to have to do enough to keep her interested. Women have tons of options when it comes to fuck buddies if you lose her interest she can be onto the next in a second. 


Men will still have to do “boyfriend things” 

You might think having a casual sex arrangement means you get all the sex with none of the boyfriend things. Men in casual sex relationships might still be called on to do the heavy lifting, literally. Don’t be surprised if you get a phone call about her moving apartments and her needing your help. Like what was mentioned above men still, have to work at keeping their fuck buddy around. You might have to suck it up and do the boyfriend things every so often to make her stay. 

Women have it easy when it comes to casual sex. Literally any girl can find a casual sex partner at the drop of a hat. Men have it way harder. You have to convince a girl that casual sex is something she wants. You have to navigate the line of making her feel into you but not romantically. You have to help keep her emotions in check all the time. It’s no walk in the park being a fuck buddy and not getting jealous but for dudes, it’s even harder. Keep your emotions in check to make this casual sex thing go as smoothly as possible. 

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