12 Pick up Lines That Actually Work

Guy hitting on a girl at bar

Nothing is a bigger turn-off than a creepy pick-up line. If a chick was considering you as an option a bad pick up line will flip that in a second. However, a good pick up line can help you bag a girl in a heartbeat. Too often these days we hide behind our phones to…

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25 Do’s and Don’ts of Casual Sex Dates

couple in bed man with no shirt on

Is there anything actually casual about casual sex? Let’s be honest we all dream of casual, no strings attached, always steamy, sex. However, sometimes things get mixed up, wires get crossed and casual sex get’s complicated fast. If we wanted complicated we would just be in a relationship, am I right? So when it comes…

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How to Ask for Casual Sex on the First Date

girl and guy in bed in their underwear

First dates are exciting. You’re getting to know someone new, there is so much uncharted territory and it could be the beginning of something great. It’s hard not to go into a first date without getting giddy about the potential of what this date might bring. Many people go into a first date with the…

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