What Women Consider a Perfect Casual Sex Buddy

Jim Wade Author

Women can be complicated creatures, on one hand, you might assume they all want a serious relationship but that is not always the case. The modern woman is busy with her career, her friends, her dog, and her yoga. She doesn’t have the time or energy to date but she still has itches that need to be scratched. Women these days want a casual sex buddy more than ever. Whether its casual sex on vacation or a booty call around the corner no strings sex is more popular than ever. There are a few things to consider in order to be the perfect fuck buddy. 


The perfect sex buddy…


Listens to his partner: 

To really know what a woman considers perfect in a casual sex buddy ask her. Everyone is different. Having candid conversations about what you both need in the relationship will help you both navigate the terms of the relationship better. Just because it is a no-strings situation it doesn’t mean you never have to communicate. While that might be ideal and eventually you might get there at the beginning of the situations you’ll need to be clear what the guidelines are. 


Is considerate of her time: 

Chances are a woman looking for casual sex is a busy lady. If you guys have a set time to meet and hook up, stick to it. She doesn’t need to be waiting for you to show up or having you bail at the last moment. If you constantly waste her time she will find a new fuck buddy in a minute. Women have plenty of options when it comes to casual sex partners so if you don’t want to be replaced be conscientious of her time. 


Practices safe sex: 

The perfect casual sex buddy has to keep their partner’s health and their own utmost priority. Nothing will ruin your deal with your fuck buddy like giving her an STI. If you both are sleeping with other people it is extremely important to set up guidelines with each other. Get tested at the beginning of the relationship to get off on a clean start. From there you need to set up some rules. Maybe you always use protection with other people but not each other or you always use protection with each other. 


Doesn’t get jealous:

People enter casual sex relationships because they want freedom. In order to be the perfect sex buddy, you need to let her have the freedom to go out with others. It’s okay if you don’t want to hear the dirty details of her escapades but don’t pry into where she’s been and who she was with. You’re both there for one thing only, to get laid. Don’t let your jealousy get in the way of that. Some people are into hearing about their partner’s experiences with others. If that’s your thing, by all means, go for it. 


Is in control of their emotions:

You might not realize you have feelings and they’re affecting your relationship. The perfect casual sex buddy keeps emotions and sex separate. You can care for your partner but you need to keep it platonic as much as possible. Having your feelings hurt because you haven’t seen her in a while or because she’s been distant is not cool. If you find yourself having real feelings for your partner you need to let her know as soon as possible. Chances are you’re already letting on anyway. 


Keeps it clean

The best part of a casual fuck buddy is sex on demand. When you show up make sure you’ve showered and things are neat. No one wants to fuck someone they are not attracted to and not being clean is a major turn off. Try to shower before you arrive and if not try squeeze one in together. You don’t have to manscape but if it’s what she prefers it make sure you take care of it. 


Keeps his place clean

No one wants to hook up in a messy room or filthy back seat. Make sure your home is tidy. Just because you’re not rolling out the red carpet as you would with someone you are trying to date seriously still keep things neat. A dirty place is a big turn off. Make keeping your home clean a priority all the time as you never know when you’re gonna have a surprise hook up. 


Does not kiss and tell

This one is major! Women do not want it getting around town that you’re their friend with benefits. If she is dating around town the last thing she wants is another guy in town to hear you two are hooking up. Don’t brag to your friends about your hookups. The perfect sex buddy keeps his mouth shut and keeps the terms of their relationship private. 


Becomes a real friend

The perfect sex buddy might already be a friend but if not he will become one. When you have a sex buddy trust is everything. Mutual respect is huge between casual sex buddies and with that, true friendship should blossom. Being a true best friend with your casual sex buddy is so important. Even if there are no strings attached you should still genuinely care about your partner and their well being. Best friend turned sex buddy is perfect because you already have a well-established base of who each other is. 

Whatever your reasons are for wanting a casual sex buddy these tips can help. By having clear communication and being considerate and respectful of your partner’s time, energy and feelings you can begin a sex only relationship to last a lifetime. Remember your partner might have a totally different picture of what a perfect sex partner looks like. Talk to her and ask her what her ideal situation is. 


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